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100 cream shots in a row in Ai Kato Look Alike Swimmer starring Nozomi Mashiro

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Ai Kato Bukkake facial
 Look a Like

Ai Kato Bukkake Look a Like

Who isn’t a fan of Japan Girl idol Ai Kato, and who wouldn’t want to see her do a bukkake clip
? Well you are not going to, but we have the next best thing. Hot Nozomi Mashiro is an Ai Kato look a like who plays up the resemblance with some hawt Speedo bathing suit cosplay. I guess if you have been reading this weblog for a while now you will know just how much we crave the Speedo. So it seems that the premise of this video may be shakey, butit is a great flick with an incredible long scene where Nozomi swallows 100 dude shot shots while getting pounded. The babe is so dizzy and messed up by the end she can’t even speak.

Cum in my ass!

Cum in my ass!

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