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Japanese TV News Gal gets surprise bukkake

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Television News Girl

Out of all of these videos doing these cum fetish pranks this angel has to be the most committed of any of Them. I figure by the way the sun sets through this video she was walking around this fair for at least 7 hours with splooge on her face and in her hair. Towards the end this woman just strips naked and takes on all comers and it is very hot how she nervously clutches her microphone.

I'm on television
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More goo frenzy from Mayura Hoshitsuki

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Let's get the cum flowing!

Lets get the cum flowing!

One of the hottest episodes we have featured in the past few months was the Mayura Hoshitsuki fan appreciation video. All I can say is that this angel is very very grateful to her fans. I want you to bear in mind that this is just a short sample of the warmup scene from this vid. The hottest scene was where she strips down and just sucks the crowd dry: take a look here!

Semen goes here!

Dude shot goes here!

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