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Miku Ohashi is a dream hottie!

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Dream Woman

I have to say in general I am nota huge fan of the Dream Cutie series. I think they got lazy over time and there is not a lot new in the videos. And honestly some of the gals are just not that hot. Well here is an exception to this rule. Miku Ohashi is definitely cute, and she is packed with goo soaked charisma. And one very kewl thing about this clip
is a lot of it is shot in this sort of split screen format where you have both a nude and clean Miku and a semen juicy Miku teasing you. Very Hot!

Miko Ohashi
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Tokyo Kogal Race Queen Azusa Kyono gets splooge creamed.

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Dream Honey Azusa Kawaii

Dream Hottie Azusa Kawaii

Todays bukkake video is Dream Chick Volume 22 starring Azusa Kyono. This is by far the best scene in the whole video with the lovely Azusa playing a cosplay Race Queen. I think the vinylfetish suit
makes it all the better, because the splooge blasting she gets makes it all slippery and shiny. Lately we have been doing a lot of posts featuring Gokkun here, but this is full throttle Japanese bukkake, and poor Azusa gets totally painted with sticky, stinky cumshots. This is one of the better movies from the Dream Girl series, and it is online now at Bukkake Television.

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