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Japan Girl beauty wants to collect all of your goo.

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Bukkake Collector

This is yet another scene from the Hina Kurumi bizarre facial epic in which this hottie takes on over Hundred splooge shots. If I did 20 posts on this blog covereing this video I still couldn’t do it the justice it deserves. In this scene we see a good old fashioned bukkake and wine glass scene. Hina does a great Gothic cosplay and then takes on all the men in the room. The procedure is to take the cum in her mouth, bubble it up a bit and then collect it in the glass. After this angel’s done she still gives the camera dude and director cocaine jobs. Totally must see!

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The glamorous Hina Kurumi takes on 105 Bukkaki Gokkun shots

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Super Cute Japan Gal Girl

There is simply nothing I’m going to be able to write here to explain to you just how outstanding this video is. Sometimes it seems Moodyz can pull off a really great title that amazingly enough is better than what they had done the last time. Hina Kurumi is very cute and fits perfectly the requirements for a Japan Cutie sex star. She is just 18, and has a body that’s slender but not flat. Actually this is not her first bukkake cum play video, take a look at her first splooge fetish video here.

Kawaii Tokyo Kogal Girl

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