Chinese girl
Chinese Girls
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The entire class at the girls school is raped by using the sleeping gas.

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Japanese Girls attacked at school

Japan Angel Girls attacked at school

Yes that’s the title of this deranged masterpiece. So here is our recommendation for the hottest clip
, Splooge fetish or otherwise of 2009. Twenty of the hottest Tokyo Kogal
school girls you can imagine, every one of Them a starlet in her own right are packed into a classroom and subjected to some of the hottest group sex we have ever seen. In fact this IS the hottest group sex we have seen. The terrorists who attack the school make the beauties take turns while the others watch. The sex scenes are wild, and there is a cum swapping scene that is so good I guarantee you will grab your crotch.

Cum swapping in class

Stud shot swapping in class

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