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Yua Yoshikawa wants to collect your man shot.

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I collect man shot at school!

There’s one of these cuties at every school, the class ball jizz collector. She’s the one who is after the cutest boy in class and is constantly having to do oral sexual favours to keep him. Well our girl Yua is collecting everyone’s splooge, even the teachers. And it’s not hard for her to do considering the way this girl looks. I mean most of the studs spunk fountain on sight.

Yua Yoshikawa
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Japanese student assaulted by sperm on live television broadcast

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Japanese Student

It seems like it’s been ages since we have seen a new one of these Bukkaki prank movie scenes. In this one a gal who looks like this sweetheart is a first year journalism student from Tokyo University is going to do her first broadcast. Little does she know she has been set up for a little guy shot rainfall. It doesn’t take long before the bukkake cumplay chaps are showering her from a ladder overhead. A few of them give her some great hair swirlies. Must see.

Bukkake Weather Girl
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Kawaii Japanese Girls Speedo bathing suit cosplay.

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Japanese Speedo bathing suit cosplay

Japanese Cosplay

I swear I was going to stop masturbating all day until I came across this little gem of a video. This is called “Welcome To Girl’s School – Sex and Kiss at School Exclusive Deluxe” starring Fuwari, Akina Hara and Satomi Maeno. Fuwari is the super cute girl with the long hair. This video has everything you need if you have a big Japanese schoolgirl fetish. Lots of cosplay and sex in the classroom including some really wild gang bangs featuring all three girls. The girls also have a little blowjob contest to see whom can ejaculate their man first. This is so hot I am completely drooling right now.

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Schoolgirl sperm swapping. Enormous duty guy shot play and bukkake from three lovely Japanese Schoolgirls.

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Starring: Hina Ohtsuka, Asami Fujimoto and Sana Amamiya

Today we have a wild new Guy shot fetish movie scene preview for you. The translation of the Japan Girl title is: Amongst 3 Pure Female Students Nakadashi Pure Urine Splooge Bukkaki Pee-Drinking Anal jamming Nakadashi 2-Hole Lesbian Gang Rape. I guess that basically covers it all. You get some really kawaii Tokyo Gal Schoolgirls forced into ejaculating dicks and then swapping loads of semen in the classroom. As well there is some really hawt anal and double penetration going on, and all that’s before we get to the really filthy bukkakepee. Hina Ootsuka is white hawt in this, even better than her previous bukkaki clip
This is not to be missed, especially if you like young and cute cuties.

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