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More of sexy Maeda Chiharu. Rapid fire bikini Gokkun.

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Japanese Gokkun facial Video

Here is another great scene starring Maeda Chiharu from “Lovely splooge cream story”. Here this babe
gets into a skimpy bikini, the kind the chicks
wear when they are vacationing on Guam or Okinawa. This babe
sucks off and ejaculates a couple of boy-friends
, and then it degenerates into full on tag team rapid fire Gokkun. This girl is a real beauty, but one special thing you can begin to see about her in this scene is that she has a gigantic hawt tongue. She is also one of those beauties who can control her tongue well enough to make a little pool for the splooge. This babe
also has that required batshit crazy look in her eyes that a real splooge crazed bukkaki cutie has to have. Very sexy stuff.

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Maeda Chiharu – Starring in Lovely dude shot sperm story.

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Speedo Bathing Suit Bukkake Cosplay

If a Japanese angel has a really sexy body, then she is going to look completely
awesome in a Speedo bathing suit. Well today we have such a cutie, meet white hot Bukkake target girl Maeda Chiharu. This babe has a really pretty models face wich soon becomes covered in sticky guy shot shots. Most of these Extraordinary facial videos have a similar theme and can get to be a little lame. This movie has all the standard cosplay elements including Student Babe and of course this fantastic bathing suit scene. The difference with this clip
scene is that Maeda is actually arousing enough to pull it off. Another must see Tokyo Girl bukkake vide from Bukkake Television. Where their motto is “All Bukkaki All The Time”.

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