Chinese girl
Chinese Girls
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Learning to love pleasure. Sex in the classroom.

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I don't think I will like it!

This video is more of a cosplay thing, but the acting is so convincing and the beauties are so cute we got to get it online. All of the girls in this video play the part of the innocent schoolgirl who becomes overwhelmed by pleasure. Starring Momo Nakamura, Chihiro Hasegawa and the always cute Marin Izumi. For more on Marin take a look here.

Liking it now...
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Dream shower gokkun facial angel Marin can’t keep the splooge in her mouth.

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Dream gokkun filly

Bukkake dream babe Marin is quite possibly one of the hottest babes I have ever seen doing bukkaki. She is just outright lovely, and she has a weird toothy grin that slowly appears on her face whenever the face shots
get really crazy. This particular scene is the opening to her Dream Shower video, and I love it because she gets right down to the ribald business. Andthen just when you think it can’t get better the next scene has her peeing ito a big dish which some lucky mate gets to drink. Some really excellent stuff here if you like glamorous angels and fast paced gokkun cum splash
splooge shots.

Marin at Tokyo Chick bukkake Television

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