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Dog collared Japan Babe Kogal Mayura Hoshizuki goes splooge wild!

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Dog Collar Bukkake

Dog Collar Bukkake goo swallowing

I think it’s glamorous clear that once you actually get a dog collar on your girl that anything goes or is going to go soon. Either you girl is giving you a great reward for something, or sheis stinking drunk. In the case of Mayura Hoshizuki here it looks like this babe
has a severe bukkake facial
. This clip
is called White Cum Bukkake facial
..Again. And just what makes this video so awesome we are covering it here on the weblog? Straight from the start this movie is out of control. The first scene where Mayura is a dog collared cum bukkake High School Girl sets the pace for the whole video as this babe
gets hit by shot after gooey splooge shot and works herself into a rod drunk sex frenzy. Then we get to the obligatory gym class bukkake man shot swallowing at school scene and she just snorts the face shots
off a plate like it was free blow. You are gonna love our nuts whilt u watch this.

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