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Nude Mirror Girls – Hot girls posing naked in front of the mirror doing ducky faces.

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Naked ducky faced self shot girls

For a few years now the hottest thing by far on the Internet has not been the regular style of adult content, but rather real girls showing off their self shot mirror pictures. I can’t say exactly why this is all so hot, but I guess it has to do with the idea of it being real, and that the ordinary girls all around you are probably doing outrageous stuff in their spare time.

One of the best sites to feature this sort of thing is Nude Mirror Girls.

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Don’t you love the self shot girls?

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I guess one of the biggest crazes of 2009 has been this whole self shot girl thing. Now that everyone on the planet has some sort of camera I guess it’s natural that we are going to see more and more of this kind of thing. The story usually is that they are showing off to their boyfriends and the guy gets dumped and before you know it the pics are up on the Interwebs. Or their laptop gets stolen or they have been uploading nude pics to Facebook or whatever.

This gallery is from our favourite place to get these stolen mirror girl pics: She Devils.

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