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Ready to take another ride on the bukkake love toilet?

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Meat Toilet Revisited

We are back with another post featuring our favourite meat commode
jockey, the lovely Misaki Asou. What is there to say about this episode? It is completely atrocious. Our babe is tied down to the love toilet and punded with splooge shots and urine sprinkles. The best part of this episode is actually at the end when there is a little behind the scenes “making of” documentary. After this poor woman has been completely blasted with every possible bodily fluid they help her of the toilet and lovingly clean her up. As if acting fine is going to cover up that the boys in this episode are complete perverts. You are going to have a fun this…

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Take a ride on the Japanese bukkake Meat Toilet.

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Maeat Toilet

As soon as we heard about this movie (see the post from last week), we have made it our duty in life to get a hold of it and share it with the masses. Well I can honestly say this movie scene does in no way disappoint…It is simply the filthiest piece of crap I have ever viewed. If you like your hotties tied to a commode
, then look no further. Behold Misaki Asou aboard the Bukkake splooge eating Meat Toilet.

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Behold the Dude shot fetish Meat Toilet.

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Meat Toilet

I swear we could just not make this up. Japan Gal slut Misaki Asou is bound to a toilet for a degenerate bukkake session. We are doing anything
possible to bring you some samples from this vid asap.

This time, it is the turn of Misaki Asou to inscribe herself into the history of the meat toilet. She undergoes continuous forced fellatio even though this babe
’s already completely covered in her own puke.
This babe
is caressed and groped and brought to giant orgasm using sex toys, then subjected to a tidal wave of splooge fetish. Her strong clitoris is stimulated by a powerful jet of piss.
The juicy soup of love that floods her twat is given an added ingredient with a dash of forced nakadashi from six throbbing knobs.
Gorgeous Misaki is reduced to a mere meat commode
& sex slave. Watch the true beauty of unbridled eroticism and discover the euphoria she attains after undergoing this ordeal of extraordinary pleasure.

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