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Nubile Bangkok teenager falls into web of porn and prostitution.

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Nubile bangkok teenager

Well well well I guess you all know by now how I love to talk about the juicy details of these girls and their respective downfalls… Mostly these girls have the same sotry about their falls from grace, but here is one thing we have never mentioned: the Bangkok Modeling School scam. Our homegirl Nook is a sweet as sugar and comes from a pretty wealthy family in the BKK. So you know that every girls dream is to be a model…And in Thailand that goes a step further as all of these girls want to be idol singers. Well to cut a long story short who does our girl meet as a photographer working at this BS school? Well it is our guy Jeff…And the results of the shoot are here. So that’s the preface of this story and we will have more when we post our next pic set from Nook.

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China Girl Evelyn Lin

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Evelyn Lin

Evelyn Lin is another one of those model school wannabe’s that has ended up in the porn industry. First it was just a little nude modelling…but the last video of her I saw had her doing a full DP scene with anal. Can you believe she started on her 18th birthday? Anyhoo if you wanna see the full set of pics or the video you know where to go.

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