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Hot Moka has an unbridled thirst for Jizz fetish fluids!

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Please sir can I have some more fluids!

Please sir can I have some more fluids!

Talk about service with a smile. Every once and a while we come across something unexpected that really surprises us, and today that would be the super enthusiastic fellow juice
lust of the pretty Moka. There isn’t a lot of info on this girl as far as Japan Angel bukkake goes, but she has done a few breasty fetish JAV vids for S1. This is her first video that is not just straight sex and is by far the hardest thing she seems to have done. Check out the scene where she eats the sperm pancakes. This girl is hot and sexually excited and very very enthusiastic. If this babe
stays in the JAV business it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing the really nast Bukkake facial
and anal jamming scenes.

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