Chinese girl
Chinese Girls
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Japanese student assaulted by sperm on live television broadcast

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Japanese Student

It seems like it’s been ages since we have seen a new one of these Bukkaki prank movie scenes. In this one a gal who looks like this sweetheart is a first year journalism student from Tokyo University is going to do her first broadcast. Little does she know she has been set up for a little guy shot rainfall. It doesn’t take long before the bukkake cumplay chaps are showering her from a ladder overhead. A few of them give her some great hair swirlies. Must see.

Bukkake Weather Girl
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I am going to give these chicks bukkaki facials!

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Bukkake Victims

So this freaky Japanese man invents a time machine and what do you think he’s going to do with it? I mean a lot of dudes would go back and kill Hitler or rob banks, but since we are talking about Japan here the number one priority is to jizzle on angels faces. So this dude is able to freeze those girls in time and then do whatever he wants to them. Sometimes his machine breaks and the beauties wake up and boy are they angry about all this!

Semen Facials

Sperm Facial cumshots

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Meet the girls of the spunk fountain competition.

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Put your goo in here please!

Put your mate shot in here please!

I guess it was inevitable… What happens when you take all the splooge hungriest girls from all of the various Rocket bukkake videos and put ’em
together? Wellyou get the spunk fountain competition. You get to see all of the hottest women from the TV News announcer bukkake series and of course the infamous Cum fetish Sushi videos and watch ’em
go head to head to see just who can extract and then swallow semen the fastest. These gals can’t miss a drop and are actually licking it up off of the tabletop.

I want to win the cumshot competition!

I want to win the ejaculate

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