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Japanese girls and semen. It’s a match made in heaven.

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Bubble faced Japanese teen

As a picture is worth a thousand words we are not going to have to say much here. This is the darling Rina Koizumi in her first ever full on Bukkake video, and if you like seeing very cute Japanese girls doing things like this for two and a half hours then you are on the right track. This girl has talent, and it’s not singing I’m talking about.

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Super cute Japanese idol Atsuko Maeda lookalike mouth ejaculation shot

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Atsuka Maeda

I want your sex!

Atsuko Maeda is a hot Japanese singing Idol from AKB48 and of cuz everyone has some sort of fantasy about her. What if you could get a girl who looks exactly like her to do a hard core movie? Well there are a lot of Tokyo Honee movies where they have look a likes for famous singers and TV news ladies, but this is by far the best as this cutie is the spitting image of the real thing. The real name of the actress is Uta Kohaku and she is a real babe.

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Cum tastes yucky!

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I just drank 100 cumshots.

I just drank Hundred cumshots.

Well I’ve never tasted any splooge, not even my own (I’m a vagina that way) but I am guessing for the most part it doesn’t taste nice. Well try getting 100 shots of it down in a hour. BNy about half way through this video our heroine Marina Muranishi looks like she can’t take it any more and there is some real drama over whether or not this woman is going to barf it all up.

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