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Filipina teen Edmilyn – You wouldn’t believe the crazy ass email we get for this girl!

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So I would say Filipina celebrity Edmilyn Villanueva’s reign as our most searched girl may be coming to an end, but as far as emails go she is totally our number one bebot honee. Just today on our sister site the Filipina Bar Girl Blog we got this crackpot comment from a Mr. Richard Bence: “I want to contact Edmilyn. I want to send her a first class ticket and ask her to come and visit me in Alpharetta Georgia. This is not a joke, I am serious.” Now for starters I don’t think there are any first class flights coming out of tha Alpharetta, GA airport. In fact I am pretty sure there isn’t an airport at all. so you will just have to continue masturbating while your wife is at the store. But to hold you over we have this sweet photo set of wonderful teen bar girl Edmilyn. Enjoy!

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