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Getting the engine started on yet another hot Filipina bar girl.

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Sexy asian massage

Wanna get your girl warmed up? I doubt there is a better way then crisp cotton sheets and a spicy hot nude oil massage to show her that you care and really want to do her as well. I mean once a girl is relaxed an comfortable with you then pretty much anything is possible, and with our girl here it seems that after the massage pretty much everything happened.

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Irene Fah, Ople Ausinee, Opal Lee, Ho Hang Ping. How many aliases does she have?

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So Thai Penthouse Pet Irene Fah is an international woman of mystery, she has has at least four names that she works by excluding those she uses in the Bangkok clubs. She seems to be touring as part of the Penthouse models and is usually places like Forte, Resort, Pent, Soprano, etc. in Bangkok. If you want to find out more about her or see the pictures and videos please log into your Teen Filipina access account here.

Ho Hang Ping Irene Fah
Ople Ausinee Ho Hang Ping

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Hands free sex massage: Only asian girls can do it right. Getting soapy and oily with a filipina bar girl.

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I suppose the whole hands free and soapy massage thing hit the western consciousness with the first Emmanuelle movies hit the screens in the 1970’s (In my case it was “Emmanuelle in Bangkok”). Before that the only ones who knew about it where sailors and guys who had gone native during the Vietnam war. Nowadays everyone knows about this and the highlight of a whoremonger’s visit to asia is getting either a soapy massage or a bay oil rubdown. Here we have fresh 18 year old Angeles City girl Marcy getting the baby oil on in preparation of a full body hands free massage. Happy ending? A gentleman never tells. If you want to see all of Marcy’s massage gallery take a look here.

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Topless filipina celebrity bar girl Alma Chua hands free breast massage!

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Alma Chua Breast Massage
Topless filipina celebrity Alma Chua got wild at our Makati villa pool party last month. We had all of the girls over for dancing and maybe doing a few favours for our guests…We slipped Alma a few extra Pesos and had her use her fabulous breasts to do an amazing hands free massage on a few guys. You can see by her face she loved the attention and cash and in no time her mammoth boobs were glistening with titty cumshots. This girl is causing scandal after scandal in Manila these days. All in all the Philippines is a pretty conservative country and whenever a new starlet emerges with a past as a bar girl or prostitute they go completely wild. But Alma is just too hot to not be famous and is now doing a few TV appearances and trying to get a singing career off of the ground. We are cheering for you Alma!

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