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Nude filipina teen Edmilyn caught naked in the shower. Boyfriend revenge pics!

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So I have to tell you life is pretty wild and free here in Manila. If you have a bit of money you can live like a king and have your pick of the girls. Most of the girls you see here are traded amongst buddies…and whenever a new guy comes into town we set him up with one of the best girls. Actually any foreigner who has any game at all with the ladies probably finds a girlfriend before he gets oout of the airport…but I digress. So when our buddy Dave rolled into town we set him up with Edmilyn…And what do you know I think he was smitten. And all was well until he realized rather suddenly that Edmilyn was in fact a prostitute and that she was banging half the guys staying at the Holiday Inn Galleria. So the best he can do is turn over these pics that he took of her in the shower. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that she was our little semen vomiting starlet.

asian street meat filipina teenager
filipina teenager

So everyone got a good laugh out of this and Edmilyn was cool with us posting the pics. You can see all of Edmilyns gallery here. Yah and please leave a comment…we are getting a lot of emails but not enough comments here at the blog.

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