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It takes a lot of lube to get a big western sex toy into a tiny asian pussy.

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We’ve mentioned before that a lot of these third world skanks have grown up without a lot of access to technology. But we seem to come across two types of girls in our third world adventures, those who are so dense as to be amazed by a lightbulb, and the other sort of girl who goes from a water buffalo to having a cell phone, sattelite tv and 20 ICQ boyfreinds in the space of a week. Well Edmilyn is one of those girls…Absolutely not afraid of technology…not even sexual technology. A lot of our girls will totally freak out when confronted be a giant buzzing vibrator but Edmilyn took right to it. Although I have to say it took a fair amount of lube to jam that thing into her tiny snatch. You like? Well you can see the whole gallery here.

filipina bargirl

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Getting naked with Irene Fah aka Ople Ausinee aka Ho Hang Ping. Choose your toys!

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Irene Fah Ladies and Gentlemen start your Sybian. Irene Fah gives us tips on picking the best sex toys…Most of these girls are usually from way out in the farmland around Chiang Mai in Thailand…And when they get to a big city like Bangkok it usually blows them away. And let me tell you they love to masturbate their pussies…Irene Fah tends to like a toy that is just a little bigger than her pussy can handle, she says “That way if I want I can indulge my fantasies about being with a black guy”. She says she can have the most dangerous sexual thoughts and still be safe. She also says it is a good way to do anal sex safely, and avoid the HIV risks in Bangkok.

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