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Hot fun in the bath with Filipina teens Joy and Tanya

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tanya cruz
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Before you get too excited I just want to make it clear that yes these girls are 18 and they are in fact no strangers to the seedy sex industry in Manila. Joy Villa has been one of our most popular girls for a very long time and yes she does do hardcore. There is nothing that makes these nubile Filipina girls hotter than a liberal covering of soap bubbles or baby oil and because of that I would say this is one of our hottest and most requested picture series of all time. I hope you enjoy these ultimate LBFM girls, we have plent more coming soon.

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Asian soapy massage with Manila bar girls Tanya and Joy Villa!

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Soapy Massage
So our last post with flat chested bar girl Tanya Cruz was so popular we decided to add a little video. This is a great clip of her and Joy Villa doing a girl on girl soapy massage in the Makati Holiday Inn. So here you have two of our hottest girls….And they are hot because they are new to the sex industry and not all screwed out yet. The high point of their lives is still having sex with you for your money. Please enjoy the video and leave your comments!

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